Serious About Podcast Network

The Serious About podcast network is a collection of podcasts hosted or chosen by Zachary Webb. Serious podcasts for serious listeners is the tagline, and we intend to provide serious (and comedic) content for our listeners.

the Knepp and Webb Talk Show

The Knepp and Webb Talk Show is a way for Zac and Weston to discuss life issues and live their dream of a podcast. They talk about whatever; most content is ad lib/random, but always clean content.

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Picture of Zachary and Weston

Webb & Webb Talk Radio

This podcast is where Zachary Webb and his cousin Shawn talk about whatever they want to, kind of like real talk radio.

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Serious About Tech!

Serious About Tech is the podcast, hosted by Zachary Webb, where we get down-and-dirty with technology in news, reviews, and discussion.

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