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The “Serious About” Podcast Network has three shows: Serious About Tech, the Knepp and Webb Talk Show, and Webb & Webb Talk Radio. Of these, Serious About Tech is the most regular show and has the most total and monthly downloads.


Serious About Tech

1,000 and counting total downloads since April 2017.
50 downloads on an episode in first 30 days published.
Geography – 84% United States, 12% Japan, 3% Germany, 1% Others

the Knepp and Webb Talk Show

300 total downloads since November 2016.
Geography – 60% United States, 35% Japan, 5% Germany

Webb & Webb Talk Radio

70 and counting total downloads since April 2017.
Geography – 58% Japan, 36% United States, 10% Others

Who We’re Looking For:

Tech/General/Lifestyle companies/products for Serious About Tech.
General/Lifestyle companies/products for the Knepp and Webb Talk Show.
Game/General/Lifestyle companies/products for Webb & Webb Talk Radio.

Ways to sponsor:

Podcast advertising.
Banners or text on the website(s).
Sponsoring videos and video shows.
Sponsored tweets and interviews.
Sponsoring certain segments.

How to Sponsor

Email us sponsor@seriousabout.network and we’ll get a deal going.